We are dedicated to helping Settle, Employ & Retain newcomers in the Cornwall, SD&G, PR areas.

The Newcomer Employment & Welcome Services (NEWS) goal is to attract, integrate, employ, settle and retain immigrants in Cornwall and the surrounding area. This will be accomplished through the provision of efficient, effective, empathetic and bilingual employment & settlement services. NEWS will work with various community partners to ensure the successful integration of newcomers.

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Here’s how we can help:

Employment Related Services

Employment Counsellors will identify clients’ needs and employment goals. An employment plan will be created as a plan of action to guide you through the process of job search and job retention.

Needs Asset Assessment & Referrals

We provide services that identify immediate and essential needs; referrals to other agencies for assistance; help create settlement plans to ensure successful integration into the community and Canada.

Information & Orientation- One-on-one & Group

Information is provided on various topics related to employment, living in Canada & Canadian Culture. The goal is to increase newcomers; knowledge about work and life in Canada. Labour market information and orientation on living successfully in Canada.

Support Services- Transportation & Translation

Translation & transportation assistance to assist in employment goals.

Cindy McRae

Newcomer Services Coordinator

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